Operational areas

Use finds the AI in the scope of development and inspection of the car manufacturers and their supplier.

Range of functions

  • ► Analyze and record SENT Data transmission on both channels according to SAE J2716
  • ► Cyclic and spontaneous transmit of SENT-Frames
  • ► Support transmit with constant cycle as extension to the SAE J2716
  • ► Interface for PC or PLC communication via USB (RS232 on Request)
  • ► Online Bus Trace (screen)
  • ► Monitoring all SENT information on screen and in a file
  • ► 2 Additional DA Outputs (0-5V, 12 Bit) to output direct information out of the SENT-Signal
  • ► Producing a trigger out signal (TTL)
  • ► Trigger Input with different options
  • ► High accuracy of the system time reference
  • ► Timing analysis of the data telegrams with a resolution of 40ns
  • ► Efficient hardware (HCS12) with expandability
  • ► Customer adjustments on Request
  • ► Flash-Update via PC-Software
  • ► USB-Integration via DLL-Interface including complete Source-Codes

Technical data AI4 in overview

Voltage supply USB or 5 V DC external
SENT-Interface SAEJ2716 2x Transmitter
2x Receiver SAEJ
USB Interface 1x FTDI245
CAN-Interface 1x 82C251 / TJA1050
RS232-Interface 1x HIN202 (PC, SPS)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 112x60x20 mm
Weight 0,1 kg
Temperature range -40°C .. 85°C
(0°C .. 50°C USB)
Processor MC9S12DP256
System Memory 25MHz 256 kB Flash-EPROM (Update over PC) 12 kB RAM

SENT Monitor & Simulation
PC Software - KFlexExplorer

Together with the AI4 the KFlexExplorer is delivered to manage and analyze the SENT data of the AI4. The communication between PC and AI4 takes place with the help of a dynamic Link Library (DLL) via the USB-Interface. The DLL interface is full documented and can be used also by the Customer to access the AI4 e.g. from LabView and other tools.

Function range of KFlexExplorer

  • ► Cycle and spontaneous sending procedures
  • ► Support of max. 2 SENT-Transmitter and Receiver
  • ► Recording data in a file
  • ► Support of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

The setup of the SENT communication can be stored in configuration files for different simulations- and/or test environments.

Order- and price information*

Automotive Interface 4
DA 12 Bit
Order.-Nr.: 070 010 240
546,00 € Automotive Interface 4
Aluminium Case with Top Hat Rail DA 12 Bit
Order.-Nr.: 070 010 240 C
615,00 €

* All the prices indicated are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Automotive Interface 4

PC Software - KFlexExplorer

Automotive Interface 4 Aluminium


Prospekt Automotive Interface V4 SENT.pdf

User manuals

USB driver